Floating nuclear power station

There are two KLT-40C reactors of 150 MW thermal capacities and 38.5 MW electric powers each. For example, such 15 MW power plant allows annual saving of 45 thousand tons of reduced fuel or diesel oil: the proposed power units can continuously operate during 10-12 years without refueling and repair while the total operation period is 40 years. ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION started to supply the insulation for the building of this project in 2010 and plans to finish in 2015.

Year 2010-2016
Owner Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation (Rosatom)
Engineer Iceberg design bureau, Baltiyskiy shipyard
Country Russia
City / Region Saint-Petersburg
Sector Power Generation
Segment Nuclear Power Generation
Application Thermal and fire insulation of steel decks and bulkheads
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