Ferrybridge Multifuel 1

The multifuel facility will generate around 68MW of electricity using a range of fuel sources, including waste-derived fuels, waste wood and biomass. The Combined Heat and Power enabled facility will take fuels from across Yorkshire and the wider region. The facility will work in a similar manner to the existing power station, where fuel is burned under controlled conditions to raise high temperature steam which is then used to generate electricity. Some of the steam will be used for heating purposes within the multifuel facility itself. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is supplying ProRox PS 971UK pipe sections for the insulation of pipework.

Year 2015
Owner Multifuel Energy Ltd
Engineer Fichtner Engineering
Insulation Contractor Rainham Industrial Services
Country United Kingdom
City / Region Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire
Sector Power Generation
Segment Conventional Power Generation
Application Pipework
Product type ProRox PS 971UK
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