Dung Quat Oil Refinery

The Factory covers an area of about 810 ha, including 345 ha on the land and 471 ha on the sea surface. Maximum capacity of the Plant is 6.5 million tons of crude oil/year (equivalent to 148,000 barrels/day). The plant is expected to meet 30% of demand for gasoline in Viet Nam.

In addition to fuels, the refinery will also produce petro-chemical products.
The refinery complex area comprises:

  • Overall Refinery Process, Utility and Offsites Facilities: about 110 ha
  • Crude Tank Farm and Flare Area: about 42 ha
  • Product Tank Farm: about 36 ha
  • Seawater intake, Waste Water and Crude Oil Pipelines: about 4 ha
  • Interconnecting Pipelines, road and right of Way: about 40 ha
  • Product Harbor Service Area: about 135 ha.
Year Since 2009 with continuing upgrading and maintenance
Owner Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation (Petrovietnam)
Engineer Amec Foster Wheeler
Country Vietnam
City / Region Quang Ngai
Sector Processing
Segment Petrochemicals
Application Tanks, Pressure Tanks, Pipes
Product type ProRox WM, ProRox PS and ProRox BL´╗┐
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