Emerald Azurra

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has been awarded a contract for supplying fire, comfort, acoustic and technical insulation for Scenic Group's new 100-guest super yacht Emerald Azzurra.

This new innovative super yacht, is custom-designed to allow unique access to the fascinating ports and harbours that only small yachts can reach.

The Emerald Azzurra will offer its 100 guests an intimate, boutique yachting experience with 64 crew on the 110-metre yacht - a high crew-to-guest ratio for a truly luxurious experience for passengers.

The Emerald Azzurra is currently being built by the Halong Shipbuilding Company (HLS) in Ha Long City, Vietnam and is due to be launched in July 2021.

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is supplying A60 fire rated insulation for bulkheads and decks, A60 fire rated floating floors, acoustic, thermal and technical insulation for the Emerald Azurra.

Year 2020
Owner Scenic Group
Engineer Halong Shipbuilding Company & HLS
Construction contractor Halong Shipbuilding Company
Country Vietnam
City / Region Halong
Sector Marine
Segment Acommodation Barge
Application A60 bulkhead and deck, A60 floating floor, acoustic, comfort and technical insulation
Product type SeaRox SL620ALU, SL480, SL740ALU, WM950, MA740 & Acoustic foil
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