Mongstad is the biggest oil refinery in Norway and is owned by Equinor. Equinor’s involvement in Mongstad now includes an oil refinery, an NGL processing plant (Vestprosess), a crude oil terminal, a cogeneration plant and the world’s largest technology centre for CO2 capture from flue gas. The oil refinery opened already in 1975 and expanded in the late 1980's. Mongstad refinery receives oil from more then 20 fields in the Norwegian Sea and has a capacity of 8 million tonnes of crude oil per year. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is delivering ProRox PS 960 and ProRox PSM 971 ALU for ongoing maintenance on pipework.

Year Ongoing
Owner Equinor
Engineer Equinor and Beerenberg
Construction contractor Beerenberg
Country Norway
City / Region Mongstad
Sector Processing
Segment Petrochemicals
Application Pipework
Product type ProRox PS 960 and ProRox PSM 971 ALU
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