Taisun 200B gas compression jack-up in CIMC-Raffles

This jack up is based on CIMC's Taisun 200B design and is scheduled to be delivered in 2015 and will in service for Pemex in Gulf of Mexico. The Jackup is supported by four cylindrical legs, with leg length 112 meters. It is capable to operate at water depth up to 55 meters, and capable to process gas up to 200 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD). The design temperature is from 0-45 degrees Celsius. The Jackup is classed by ABS.

ROCKWOOL Technical delivered SeaRox slabs/wired mat insulation with a high performance on weight control and easy installation.

Year Ready in 2015
Owner Thaumas Marine Ltd
Engineer CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd.
Country China
City / Region Yantai
Sector Offshore
Segment Jack-Up
Application H60
Product type SeaRox Slabs and SeaRox Wired Mats
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