Manjung Power Plant, Malaysia

The country was experiencing high load demand which required additional large amounts of base load electricity generating capacity. The plant was built on 254 hectare of the 320 hectare man-made reclaimed island, of which 70 hectare was for the power plant, 175 hectare for the ash pond and the remaining was used for terminal facilities. ROCKWOOL RockTech products were used to insulate the equipment. By taking advantage of the thermal properties of RockTech SPI, Slab and Wired Mats, the process temperature of the pipes, boilers and turbines could be maintained at the required level throughout the generation process. This translates to conservation of energy and hence enabling the plant to achieve higher energy savings.

Owner TNB Janamanjung Sdn Bhd
Country Malaysia
City / Region Perak
Sector Power Generation
Segment Conventional Power Generation
Application Process Piping; Boilers, Turbine and Electrostatic Precipitator
Product type RockTech SPI, Slab and Wired Mats
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