Le Soleal – Compagnie du Ponant (Fincantieri)

Thanks to the utmost attention to interior outfitting and its small dimensions, it is more like a Mega-Yacht, where also the very latest environment-friendly technology has been used. Its small dimensions will also allow it to cruise to ports that cannot generally be reached by the giant cruise ships of other major owners.
It has 132 cabins, for a total of 264 passengers and an overall investment by the owner of 150mil USD. ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION delivered SeaRox Slabs for A-Class fire protection and thermal insulation.

Year 2012 / 2013
Owner Compagnie du Ponant
Country Italy
City / Region Ancona
Sector Marine
Segment Cruise Liner
Application A-Class fire protection and thermal insulation on board
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