KHI Solar Power Plant

The KHI Solar Power Plant is an experimental power plant, with a new technology. There are 3 boilers placed in a tower (over 200 meters high). Then there are mirrors placed on 3 separate sides of the tower towards the 3 boilers. The mirrors are supposed to reflect the sunlight directly to the top of the boiler tower towards the 3 boilers there. It can get up to 400 degrees up there, and the steam from the boiling water is transported via 8 pipes to 19 accumulators where they can store the hot steam under pressure. From the accumulators the steam will be send to the turbine where it is transformed into electricity. This is a new technology and the solar power plant in Upington is the first in its kind. ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION is delivering ProRox Wired Mats.

Year 2014
Owner Abengoa
Engineer Abeinca
Country South Africa
City / Region Upington
Sector Power Generation
Segment Solar Power Plant
Application Boilers
Product type ProRox Wired Mats
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